Lean Academy / Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza


Lean Learning Academy in Rzeszow University of Technology

In Rzeszow University of Technology the Lean Learning Academy (LLA) is organized. The main goal of LLA is to teach students and employees of companies lean tools to introduce lean manufacturing in enterprises.

Lean manufacturing means identifying and eliminating wastes. This can be done using simple methods and analytical tools or using sophisticated computer systems that monitor manufacturing systems in real time and identify symptoms that may lead to problems and, consequently, wastes.

LLA team consists of specialists from various areas of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Management. We have lectures and workshops with the students who study Management and Production Engineering and Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautic in Rzeszow University of Technology. Besides we have lectures for postgraduate students, who study Lean Manufacturing and we do courses for companies’ employees.

Lean Learning Academy is developed in the cooperation with the following universities:

  • Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven, Belgia
  • University of Skövde, Szwecja
  • Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugalia
  • Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov, Rumunia

and enterprises:

  • Volvo Cars Gent, Belgia
  • Volvo Powertrain AB Skövde, Szwecja
  • PRZEMOT H.P.T. Chmiel s.j., Polska
  • Associação Comunidade Lean Thinking, Portugalia
  • Siemens Program and System Engineering S.R.L, Rumunia

Website of project, in which Lean Learning Academy is developing is: http://www.leanlearningacademy.eu/


Industrial lectures
17 Jan
On January 28, 2022, a series of lectures by industry specialists will take place.
“Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry”
11 Jan
We invite you to watch the video report from the conference “Future Skills for Europe’s Aerospace and Defence Industry”
Workshop on the ASSETs+ Strategy for developing skills and competences for the Defence Sector
16 Dec
The workshop realized 16 December 2021 focused on Policies, Projects & Founds, Technologies, Technical Standards & Best Practices, Qualification Certifications & ESCO and Human Resources.
ASSETs+ Project meeting in Pisa
16 Dec
16 December 2021 had a place a meeting organized in Pisa in the frame of ASSETs+ project.